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Why The Angel? Why fermented?

The Angel is dedicated to giving you a healthy, loving experience with the best in food.

Fermented bread, probably the first form of leavening, originated in Ancient Egypt.

Today we know it as sourdough.

The fermentation process:

removes phytates and enzyme inhibitors, increasing beneficial lactic acids

predigests the starches in the grains, making them more digestable

breaks down the gluten proteins into amino acids, making it more digestable

the acetic acid produced helps preserve the bread by inhibiting the growth

of mold

research shows blood glucose levels are lower after eating sourdough 

bread compared to whole wheat, whole wheat with barley and plain white bread


About The Angel

Through The Angel in Your Kitchen, Patrice Winter has realized her dream of creating nutritious locally sourced incredible breads pastries and meals. In the early 70's she began her career as a high end personnel chef creating meals that are today embraced as the foundation of healthy eating.

She was able to accomplish this because of her exposure to European and other international food styles through her travels as a young woman.

Her true love has always been baking and once she had layed down the foundation for her relationship with food, she devoted herself to developing a refined understanding of everything that it takes to produce the nutritious goodies that her clients tell her sometimes don't even make it home after they've been bought.

Known for her Gluten Free Vegan breads, and fermented sourdoughs Patrice is In ongoing conversations with bakers throughout the country and around the world developing new techniques.

Devoted to living foods, she created her starter in 1971 from artisian well water fed heirloom grapes which grew on the the land where she lived, in Topanga.

Her studies of European bakers from back in the day not only helped mold her understanding of the health benefits of vital ingredients, but also of wild yeast leavened breads.

In the last few years she discovered the benefits of fermentation and as she introduced her new breads her clients quickly embraced them. People who are gluten intolerant found these fermented breads easy to digest and people who just plain love sourdough can't seem to get enough. The movement was on!

"I am devoted to a conscious and sensible approach to food."
- Patrice Winter

I hope you enjoy my organic, handmade breads!

How long does it stay so delicious?
In general, since my breads are made with natural levains, or pre-ferments, they stay fresh much longer than standard, speed-process factory loaves.

Under good conditions the breads will last for about a week at room temperature. For bread that you will eat the same day or next, just leave the loaf on the cutting board with the cut end down. Or keep it wrapped in a paper bag or cover loosely (not sealed) with a plastic bag. For longer storage, freezing is an excellent option. Just wrap the loaf well in a plastic bag and freeze it. When you remove it, let it sit in the bag until signs of water droplets all disappear. In any case (whether it’s been frozen or not), a loaf can be restored to virtual same-day freshness by reheating in the oven, though this is usually good only once.

Then there’s the old reliable toaster, which is always a favorite at our house.
Refrigeration, though it does delay mold-spoilage in summer, is less preferable than freezing, since refrigerator temperatures serve to further the process of starch retrogradation that is called “staling.”

Specialty Breads
I also offer seasonal breads, pies, and pastries.
Brioche, Challah, Chocolate Cherry Bread Fig/olive or fig/Basil as well as pies tarts and croissants.
Be sure to order early for the holidays!


"Patty is a superb baker. She listens to feedback about the previous week's bake and works to make her already delicious bread even better.

She is the best baker for anyone seeking to be gluten-free.

I recently bought elsewhere when Patti was recovering from surgery and the bread was quite tasty but the ingredient list was long and had a few items I bet aren't in Patti's loaves, such as xanthan gum." -Mary Guillermin

"A friend of mine shared some heavily seeded bread from Angel In Your Kitchen and it was unbelievably good so I had to go to the Topanga Farmers Market to pick some up for myself and WOW it was amazing! They do gluten free as well that is the best I've ever had." - RJ Knoll
"Superior ,scrumptious products. Every week I buy a treat at our Topanga Farmers Market... So accommodating to requests.... Her cheesecake was the the bar to compare to..." - Andrea Palella

"Patty's bread" is an exciting event for our family now. A beautiful bread board will be on the top of my Christmas list.

Sarah Seelinger

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